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T h e   f  i r s t   l  o g o   d e s i g  n   w e b s i t e    e s t a b  l i s h e d    i n   t h e   U A E

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  100 Type Calligraphy

     » Allah 99 Types
     » Khaleefa
(UAE President)

     » Dubai

     » Abu Dhabi

     » Al Emarat

     » Fazza (Hamdan Bin Mohd)

     » Haya

     » Usher Raymond
        Hollywood R&B Singer




100 Type of Calligraphy


calligraphy of the same words in 100 different shapes. 
The Arabic words 
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fazza, Al Emarat
and Usher Raymond in 100 different styles each and leaves the spectators wonder struck constantly.
If you need your company name in 100 different style, contact us.



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calligraphylogo.com is the new form of uaelogo.com, the first logo design website established in the UAE in the year 1995. uaelogo was the creator of many of the most famous calligraphy logos in the UAE.


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Anatomic Calligraphy

Logo of the Week


Anatomic calligraphy is a style in which the portrait of a person is drawn using the person's name in Arabic . Khaleelullah is Only Anatomic Calligrapher in the world & World Record Holder, He has also started drawing anatomic calligraphies of common people. Send email to get your picture drawn.
                »»  Anatomic Calligraphy



For your logo reference,

we will display here every week
a new logo

'PAT LUBI'  Calligraphic Logo
by Pat Lubi Consultancy .


Appreciation about Khaleelullah's Calligraphy

الخط العربيا حالة جمالية تمتار يها الأبة الاسلامية. في التشكيل الذي نتيح وفن روصيات الدين الاسلامي. الذي مابي التجيد وعندنا ينع توظيف الخط في لوحات متوحات من فكر انسانيي رائع يكبها جمال دروعة.
شكرا للفنان خليل الله علي هذا الابراع الرائع وشكرا شركة كريستا ال اركو رعايتها لهذا الموضه دليل الامان باالشراعة بين جميع موسسةسس
بلال البدور  
Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth & Social Development.
United Arab Emirates.

لقد سررت بزيارة معرض الفنان خليل الله شمناد والذي يعيد بحق إضافةنوعية للفن الاسلامي، حيس اسبع الفنان في استذام الخطوط ودميع ذلك مع التفتينان الحديثة.
اتمن للفان الوفيق وان يصل برسالة الفنية الي اسمي الغايات والاهان
سامي قرقاش
 Duty Manager Director at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE) 

"Thanks Khaleelullah for this connection.
Congratulation for your wonderful calligraphies. St valentine's day and loves paintings.... I like it ! Sorry for my bad English. I'm a artist painter and a writer. You can go on www.genevievek.com 
Nice to meet you" - 
Geneviève Krebs 
  (Mar 23 2009, 9:21pm)
artiste peintre - ecrivain - coach vie, Lausanne, Suisse

"I just check out your website. Love your work. The animal calligraphy is stunning. All of it really. 
Fascinating profile. It would be great to have you as a connection."
 Michael Rowley  Creative Director, www.Plaxo.com

"Mr. Khaleelullah, Pleasure connecting with you,
Best,"  Paul Vaden (Boxing World Champion)
CEO - Multi-Paul Inc. San Diego, CA

 "Great ,very unique"   KAMEL CHAIEB
  (Jan 28, 2009)
  General Manager, Accor Hotels, Novotel Moscow 

"Absloutely breath taking!"  Shelly Morgan   
(Jan 27, 2009)
Residential and Commercial Real Estate...
Burgess Inspection Group, Carrollton, Texas

"Great! Nice! Maravilhoso! Please , take a pictures of your calligraphic, i would like to see. Thanks, and congratulations."
claudia alencar  (Hollywood Actress - Brazil)
  (Dec 14, 2008)
Prop. Mahadeva Produções Artisticas LTDA, Rio de Janeiro

"realy amazing & unique work .. !" 

Panacea-Loly  Female/Saudi Arabia  (Aug 31, 2008)

"unbelievable :wow: such a beautiful work masha'allah ,, i love it soo much :love: ... keep it up ,, and good luck with the exhibition ..." 

whiteniger Female/Saudi Arabia


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